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Hollaback Boys RPG

HBB RPG - This is OUR Shit - Since April 2007
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Celebrity slash roleplay with an emphasis on good writing, fun, and democratic values.
(for now)
actors, ads, alex suarez, all american rejects, american idol, andy hurley, awesomeness, band slash, bandom, bands, bert mccracken, big city rock, bisexuality, boy kissing, boy touching, boys, brand new, brendon urie, bullet for my valentine, bunnies, celeb rp, celebrity roleplay, celebrity roleplaying, celebrity rp, celebrity rpg, christian bale, ciwwaf, clouds, cobra starship, cobras, cookies, cookstro, crazy pills, dancing, david archuleta, david cook, emo, equality, erotica, fall out boy, fandom, fanny pak, fluff, from first to last, fueled by ramen, fun, gabe saporta, gay rights, good roleplayers, good rp, grammar, green day, gym class heroes, hard fi, hearts, hellogoodbye, homosexuality, hush sound, ian watkins, jackass, jared leto, jason castro, jeph howard, joe trohman, jon walker, jrock, justin timberlake, kaiser chiefs, keytars, laughter, lolz, long term rp, lostprophets, love, marvelous 3, matt tuck, mega lolz, men, michael johns, midtown, mindless self indulgence, moons, motion city soundtrack, movies, msi, music, musicals, musicians, my chemical romance, nate novarro, neil patrick harris, ocs, omcs, panic at the disco, pansexuality, paragraphs, patrick stump, pb, pbs, pete wentz, promotion, quietdrive, quinn allman, real person slash, role play, role play games, role-play, roleplay, roleplay ads, roleplayers, romance, rp, rp ads, rp promo, rp promotion, rpers, rpg, rpg ads, rpg promo, rpg promotion, rpgers, rpging, rping, rps, rps rpg, ryan ross, ryland blackinton, sensual, sex, singers, slash, slash roleplay, slash roleplaying, slash rp, slash rpg, smiles, spelling, spencer smith, sporks, stars, storybook, tai, taking back sunday, text rp, the academy is, the dark knight, the used, weezer, writing, zoolander